Health chief hits out at Coca-Cola truck tour of ‘tooth decay and obesity hot spots’

When the drinks giant launched its truck tour earlier this month, Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, said: “Our nation is in the grip of an obesity epidemic and sugary drinks are a big part of the problem – they account for 30% of four-to-10-year-olds’ daily sugar intake.

“Our children are bombarded year-round with advertising for these products and at Christmas that pressure is ratcheted up another notch.

“While it’s easy for all of us to indulge a little too much over the festive period, we should be able to do so without turning Christmas into a corporate sugar-fest aimed at selling drinks to children.”

Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator of the Children’s Food Campaign, added: “Coca-Cola starting their tour in Glasgow is trolling of the highest order.

“Glasgow’s rates of obesity and dental decay are far higher than the UK average.

“Moreover, the Scottish Government has just launched a consultation on new actions it could take to reduce obesity, recognising that companies’ voluntary efforts will never go far enough.

“Coca-Cola should start acting more responsibly. For instance, it could pledge to ensure that its low and no sugar colas are priced cheaper on the shelf and in promotions than the full sugar Coke, especially after the sugary drinks tax comes in next April.”

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