What will happen if every morning eat three eggs each


November 20, 2017


Eggs are one of the most protein-rich foods, they also have a serious supply of omega-3, vitamins D, T, B12, minerals like selenium and many other useful things, note nutritionists whose opinion results health info with reference to steaklovers.menu.

Do not you think that we underestimate the eggs a little? In fact, they can be made breakfast for every day, and that's what positive changes in our life it will entail.

Cholesterol will not increase

There are many opponents of egg breakfasts. All of them unanimously declare that they contain so much cholesterol that premature death from clogging of blood vessels is ensured. However, while this myth was relevant, science took a step forward, and scientists were able to prove that the cholesterol contained in the eggs does not have any effect on the cardiovascular system at all. This is not the type of cholesterol that clogs our arteries with plaques. And the answer to the question of how many eggs per week you can eat depends entirely on the other components of our diet.

Creative abilities will develop

One and the same scrambled eggs for a whole week can also get bored, but the eggs are good enough to be amenable to a variety of cooking methods. To them you can add frozen vegetables, zucchini or croutons, and now this is not just an omelet, but a completely new dish. For extreme cases, you can just put these three eggs in the water and go to the shower. At the exit you will have a ready breakfast, which can be varied with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The perfect compatibility of eggs with everything that can be found in the refrigerator makes them an ideal breakfast.

Time savings

The favorite excuse for those who neglect breakfast is a lack of time. And it is true, it is better to sleep an extra half an hour than to spend this time thinking about what to eat and how to prepare it more polish. Having in the refrigerator 3 eggs, you can prepare yourself a healthy, full and delicious breakfast exactly 4 minutes. Yes, we spend more time brushing our teeth! In this case, fried eggs – this is not a nasty oatmeal, which is also brewed quickly, but does not cause any desire to get out of bed in the morning.

Satiety before lunch

Sometimes, hurrying to work, we just eat an apple or a banana on the way to the subway or car and calm ourselves with the thought that here it is, a healthy breakfast. But this is a trap. Within an hour we feel such hunger that it kills all rational principles and thoughts about healthy nutrition. But if you eat only 3 eggs for breakfast in any variation, you can immediately get 21 grams of protein. And this means that before lunch you can not remember food and a sense of guilt for eating an unscheduled donut. It literally works wonders with concentration and energy for the whole day.

Questions about breakfast have disappeared

Many people, maybe, would like to have breakfast every morning, but at the dead end they need to decide each time what to cook this time. In the dilemma, the option "I'll buy a croissant and a cappuccino on the way to work" always wins. There is no benefit from this decision, but there is a lot of harm. Three eggs, from which you can cook a million different dishes in a very short time, solve this problem in all aspects. First, the decision with breakfast is already ready, secondly, it will certainly be useful, thirdly, you will leave the house really well-fed, fourthly, everything will not take more than 10 minutes to complete.


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